Monday, May 7, 2012

"Follow His Light"

Totally out of order, but needed to post this before I forgot-

One Sunday for Singing Time in Primary, I taught I song called "Follow His Light".  Each time the kids learned a line of the song, they got to turn on a battery-lit candle.  By the end, all of the candles had been lit. I had a picture on an easel with a blanket covering so the kids couldn't see behind.  Once the kids learned the song pretty well, I turned out the lights and revealed the picture of Jesus that was illuminated by the candles.  We then sang the song while looking at the picture.

Later that day, after church, Trey came up to me and said, "Mom, I cried today in primary." I asked, "Why and when?"  He said he cried because he was so happy when he was singing "Follow His Light" and looking at Jesus' picture.

What an amazing moment it was to explain to Trey he was feeling the Spirit.  I'm so grateful for those opportunities when I can see when the gospel is influencing my children's life.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cabo San Lucas - President's Club Trip March 2011

 Hello Cabo!!

Brent was able to take me to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, because he made President's Club at Orbit Medical.  I was excited to go on just a "couple's trip" even though I would miss my kids immensely.  But sometimes... parents need a little alone time!

 El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

 Some of "The Boys"
Brent, Dave Evans, Dave Merrit, Jake Kilgore & Scott Larsen
 Views from the hotel
Nothing like an all-inclusive resort!!  We loved having endless amounts of virgin pina coladas, big meals, & awesome service!  I even got in on the water aerobic activities, until we all started massaging each other's backs.  That got a little weird. :)

Instant Friends - Bree Kilgore, Tangi Larsen & me

Beach activities - boys had fun throwing around the football and I even played some pretty good volleyball!

 The best time we had was hanging out with this group! 

Checking out downtown Cabo
All of us girls ended up buying the same sunglasses & sliver rings!  We took the free cervesas from our rooms, because we didn't drink them ( &they would keep stocking them) and bartered with them.  "How about $20 and 2 cervesas!?!"  Worked like a charm!

 Dinner out with the whole West crew.  (we ended up hating this restaurant, the owner was a major tool & the food was WAY over priced)

Probably one of my favorite nights was going into town where they were having a fair.  We ate street tacos, tacos al pastor, and my favorite - their pineapple ice cream popsicles.  YUM!

 Street tacos! 

 A church in the main town center & me holding my favorite treat! pineapple ice cream stick

Our "server" was so awesome!  He was so great and got us into some great restaurants! 

 Second favorite part of the trip - Suntanning!

 The last day we took off with the Kilgore's to find some more street tacos!

Horse back riding down the beach

 The sunsets were amazing!

 Being dorks

 Tangi and I had a lot in common, one being that we were both cheer coaches, so we had to show off our hurkeys.  

 Last night eating dinner & going to the "club" at the resort dancing to everything from Journey to Beyonce. 

Pics from Brent's scuba trip with Jake & Barry.  The guide was a little "unorthodox" and let them touch what ever they wanted.  :)  They threw around a puffer fish like a football, held a jellyfish & had a great time!